What are they saying about the Peant Butter Promise seminars....

“I was looking for the missing link.  I set goals and write them down…but I knew something was missing!  I can’t explain it, but I now know I will achieve my Goals and Dreams!  Thanks Steve & the Peanut Butter Promise!"     Jacquelyn Wilson 

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The premise of the Peanut Butter Promise is that every person and viable company has a unique purpose; that their noble dreams and objectives are meant to come true; and just as peanut butter was to find jelly, making both of them better, there are people either in those lives already, or destined to come into them, to help achieve those personal and/or business goals.

The Peanut Butter Promise is helping people and companies achieve their dreams and objectives by providing fresh, cutting edge success laws, the powerful "7 Principles of the Peanut Butter Promise" and the proven Steve Rose DreamGoal Achievement System.